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What They’re Saying

“Polly is dependable, knowledgeable, efficient and honest to a T. She gets up-to-speed quickly, and the superior quality of her work is matched only by her high level of service to clients. Polly proved herself immediately as a media relations specialist, someone who could translate her experience as a reporter and editor into regular press coverage for multiple tech companies. It’s a unique person who can “think tech” as well as write and speak about it. But it takes a communications specialist to be able to do all three without losing the point of a story. Polly is that quality of communicator. I very much enjoy working with her.” —Kevin Wolf, President, TGPR

“We brought Polly on to drive the development of critical content that we needed to get to the market quickly. She was excellent at leading the team to deliver against the tight timeline and ensured that the end result was a high quality product.”–Jenny Victor, Vitria Technology

“As a freelancer, she’s an editor’s dream, providing strong, complete and accurate work based on thorough reporting and strong subject-matter expertise. And unlike so many freelancers, she always delivers on time.”–Anne Stuart, Editor, TechTarget

“I have worked with Polly in a number of areas over the years and constantly impressed with her drive, ability to rise to a challenge, and editorial excellence. Polly is a take-charge person who is able to handle complex situations, present creative ideas, and deliver high-quality results.”–Ruth Erickson, Microsoft

“Polly is a tremendous editor and journalist. I’ve worked with her on several projects, including a long-term engagement for a major client. She always delivers, and goes the extra mile to make sure the work is of utmost quality, and meets the needs of all stakeholders. From writing to editing to managing writers and clients, Polly is a pro.” —Jim Malone, CXO Media